Who Are We?

We're a relentlessly resourceful, no b.s. organization filled with a set of value-driven individuals. we’re committed to creating exceptional experiences for members of our tribe by creating an environment where everyone can thrive and grow.
We believe that everything in life is truly progressively better, not perfect.
To put it plainly, we’re a diverse team with backgrounds in private equity, engineering and automation, political campaigning, media buying, data science, and even pre-med dropouts. TealBox Digital is a data-driven performance marketing company that helps small to medium enterprises and startups grow their bottom line using digital marketing tools.

What do we do?

We’re a performance marketing team, with a special emphasis on data-backed performance.
We’re not here to bring likes, shares, or followers. Just here to help you make $5 for every $1 you invest into advertising. With data to back it up.
Ad spend managed
7-fig. revenues
Helped scale 8 businesses to 7-figure revenues

What skills do we embody?

Our Tribe is home to like-minded individuals who hero these skills

Resourceful people who learn and execute quickly

Who focus on the fundamentals : honesty, kindness, & empathy

Strong communicative idealistic pragmatists

People who  find comfort  in ambiguity

People with a point of view  and an ear to listen

Curiosity-first individuals

What does it mean to be a part of the Tribe?

We’d like to break the sound barrier and grow at high speeds. We’re constantly on a mission to level up and take the game to the next level. We have built a solid Tribe that is focused on realizing extremely high-quality results, with consistency and repeatability. We’re on a journey to partner with more individuals who champion these skills and are mission-aligned in our shared vision.

Here’s what our tribes people have been saying

TealBox Digital is a great place to work! The culture is transparent. Every member, irrespective of their position, gets opportunities to be heard. I have been with the organization for more than 2 years now, and have seen myself transform as a professional in more ways than one. My journey has seen many changes come through in the organization, and each time, these have been for the better, for the leadership is committed to making TealBox Digital a success story!

Ashish Samudralwar
Ad Operations Specialist

My overall experience at TealBox was fantastic. Getting to start as a fresher was daunting and overwhelming but TealBox gave me opportunities to unlearn, relearn and eventually execute my ideas with complete ownership and independence. The management along with my coworkers was really fun while being the people I look up to.

Vanya Kukreja
Facebook Ads Executive

After working in business-oriented roles for years, I joined TealBox while looking for an almost ambiguous role where opportunities were numerous; hence joined as an Entrepreneur in Residence. Having contracted several digital marketing agencies in India in my previous role, I was under the impression that I knew digital marketing and I could start adding value from day 1. I was so wrong! TealBox's unique, data-first approach and processes are something I haven't seen in multinational digital advertising agencies. I had to unlearn everything I knew. Through this journey, I had the pleasure of working with a fantastic team who are experts in their own right and who made waking up and working fun every day!

Karan Dubey
Entrepreneur in Residence

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