How We Helped A B2B SaaS Healthcare Business Increase Their Clients 30% YoY And Achieve 30x+ Lifetime ROAS

About MedStop

MedStop is a SaaS Tool for paperless management system for drug and alcohol and occupational medical tests including both DoT-mandated and non-DoT tests in the United States. It is an is a free web base that fully complies with DoT regulated systems. They target companies and individuals required to perform and document periodical medical tests required by an employer, government agency, or their own company policy. Med-Stop integrates all functions of consortiums and third-party administrators into an easy to use online system.

The Challenge:

Med Stop was operating solely through traditional offline sales channels, and they had not yet established any online avenues for generating leads or sales. Recognizing the potential of the online market, Med Stop sought to create and develop these digital channels to expand their reach and drive sales. 

They required assistance with leveraging paid social and search advertising, which are effective tools for reaching a broader online audience. Through this, they aimed to tap into the vast online market, attract potential customers, and convert these leads into actual sales. 

The Process:

Our process began by addressing the absence of online advertising assets for Med Stop. We initiated the setup of business managers across various online platforms, ensuring that ad tracking and attribution were configured correctly, especially considering the impact of iOS 14 changes in the year 2021. In terms of our ad strategy, we employed a two-fold approach.

Streamlining keywords:

Firstly, we streamlined our targeting on Google, starting with broad keywords and progressively narrowing the focus by building an extensive list of negative keywords to improve campaign efficiency. ‍

Remarketing Campaign:

Secondly, recognizing the longer sales cycle of the business, we developed a comprehensive retargeting strategy for both Google and Facebook (including Instagram). This strategy encompassed campaigns aimed at engaging social media users, website visitors, and video viewers, optimizing our efforts for lead generation and conversion across multiple channels.

Results Generated

Through our strategic efforts, we achieved significant key metrics and generated remarkable results for Med Stop. 

30% year-over-year growth in incoming

We built Google and Facebook sales funnels from the ground up, resulting in an impressive 30% year-over-year growth in incoming leads from March to September. 

30x ROAS generated: 

Leads gave significantly higher returns over the lifetime of the business through the online channel. The generated leads exhibited an exceptional return on ad spend (ROAS), with a remarkable 30x+ ROAS over the lifetime of the business.

Notably, we achieved a highly profitable Cost Per Lead (CPL), particularly in a niche industry, with CPLs as low as $65 on good days and an average of around $100, providing a favorable cost-effective solution for the client. 


Our collaboration with Med Stop has not only expanded their client base but also demonstrated the immense potential of leveraging digital channels to drive business growth. This case study underscores the value of a well-executed online advertising strategy and the significant impact it can have on a B2B SaaS business's success. 

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