How We Helped Scale A Home Decor Ecommerce Scale From $0 To $100K In 3 Months

About Dekorio

Dekorio AS was started in the heart of Scandinavia in 2020. Inspired by Norway's beautiful nature and great outdoor areas, Dekorio's vision is to deliver quality products that will contribute to a better indoor environment, increased well-being and a better environment. They bring custom home decor pieces native to Norwegian culture.

The Challenge

The challenge at hand was for a newly established brand in the Swedish market. They set out with the goal to test the effectiveness of Facebook and Instagram as advertising channels, then create a profitable sales funnel, ensuring that the revenue generated exceeds the costs and once successful, scale the funnel to attract more customers, taking advantage of economies of scale to improve profit margins.

In essence, their challenge was to start small, test, and refine their advertising approach, and then grow the business efficiently as they gained more customers.

The Process

Audience Testing 

We started testing audiences, to identify the right customers for the brand by split testing 26 audiences in the cold audience campaigns. (6 of these audiences generated 80% of the purchases for the brand).

Optimizing Product Catalogs

The brand had a huge inventory of lamps. We split tested created product sets based on color variants, pricing and categories to identify the best performing catalog sets for the account which yielded an optimized product set in the account which gained >65% of the purchases in the account.

Retargeting Marketing Strategy

Upon testing the campaigns the ads had a high cart abandonment rate of >87%, which was becoming a blockage in scaling to counter which we installed a messenger retargeting strategy in the Sweden Region which reduced the cart abandonment rate of the account to 65% helping us scale the account.

Results Generated - Scaled Revenue to 6 Figures:

In just three months, the results were extraordinary. Dekorio AS, with the strategic assistance of Tealbox, went from $0 to $100,000 in revenue. The meticulous audience testing, product catalog optimization, and retargeting strategies not only solved the immediate problems but also established a solid foundation for future growth.


In a remarkable three-month journey, where we collaborated with Dekorio AS, a Scandinavian home decor brand, we set out to establish the brand in the Swedish market with a three-pronged strategy:

  • We tested the effectiveness of Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • We built a profitable sales funnel.
  • We scaled the business efficiently.

Through rigorous testing, optimized product catalogs, and a retargeting strategy, we overcame challenges and were able to achieve outstanding results. 

We transformed the brand from $0 to $100,000 in revenue and scaled it to a six-figure income. This case study highlights the power of strategic marketing and rapid scalability when executed with precision and dedication.

If your business can relate to the success story of Dekorio and you're looking to achieve similar results through remarketing and advertising strategies, don't hesitate to contact Tealbox. We have the expertise and experience to help you grow your brand and boost your sales. Reach out to us today to discuss your specific needs and goals. Let's work together to take your business to the next level!

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