How We Helped Scale A Playing Cards Ecommerce Business 2.5X Their Purchase Growth Within 3 Months At A 20% Reduction In CAC

About Talking Point Cards

Talking Point Cards is a novelty card product that facilitates conversation within most common social situations like on a date, in a relationship, in a family setting etc. The vision behind the product is to facilitate purposeful conversations via a fun medium of gameplay that help people improve their relationships and connect on a deeper level all while having a good time with people that matter to them.

The Challenge

TPC achieved rapid growth from $0 to $2 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) within 1.5 years using Facebook ads. They now aim to sustain and expand this growth to establish a stronger market presence. The challenge lies in their inability to scale ads while maintaining a consistent cost per purchase, which affects profitability. The key challenge is to overcome scaling issues in their Facebook advertising to acquire new customers predictably and efficiently, ensuring continued growth and market positioning.

The Process

We conducted a thorough ad account audit, pinpointing the specific customer avatars that were instrumental in driving sales. This analysis was based on factors such as age, gender, interests, and communication data. As a result of our efforts, we achieved significant key metrics improvements. Within just three months, we experienced a remarkable 2.5 times growth in purchases, reflecting the effectiveness of our strategy. Furthermore, we managed to reduce the Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC) by 20%, underscoring the efficiency gains we delivered in our advertising campaigns.

Results Generated

The results of our efforts have been impressive. Over the course of three months, from March to June 2022, we achieved significant growth in our sales volume. 

March 2022

In March, we started by identifying and investing in the customer avatars that were driving sales in the account.

‍April 2022 Reduction in CAC by 5%

In April 2022, we managed to reduce the Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC) by 5%, demonstrating our ability to optimize our advertising spend efficiently.

‍May 2022 Scaled purchases by 70% and the cac further reduced by 20%

May 2022 was a pivotal month, as we scaled purchases by an impressive 70%, while simultaneously reducing CAC by 20%. This combination of increased sales and reduced acquisition costs signified our commitment to both growth and cost-effectiveness.

‍June 2022 2.5X Increase in sales volume

In June 2022, our efforts culminated in a remarkable 2.5 times increase in sales volume, showcasing our ability to drive substantial results and deliver on our growth objectives.


In conclusion, our partnership with Talking Point Cards to scale their playing cards ecommerce business has been a resounding success. Facing the challenge of sustaining and expanding their rapid growth, we embarked on a journey to overcome scaling issues in their Facebook advertising while maintaining a consistent cost per purchase. Through a meticulous ad account audit, we identified the key customer avatars instrumental in driving sales, optimizing our advertising strategies for maximum impact.

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