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Funnel Event Audit

1. An event audit will be conducted across your website /app to check if all funnel events are being triggered with the correct values. For example - Correct Purchase conversion value with the Purchase number
2. The business first audit considers all the various business KPIs that need to be tracked and creates a corresponding set of events that need to be fired.
3. The findings from the audit are not limited to the events set up in your UA (UA) property.
4. We will audit your existing Universal Analytics (UA) property and identify new events that you should be tracking to optimize your marketing process.

Enhanced E-commerce Setup (applicable to E-Commerce businesses)

1. UA has created default reports (templates) for enhanced e-commerce reports.
2. For enhanced e-commerce in GA4, we will create custom report formats that will come in handy. Additionally, we will have set up custom processes (code) to fetch data about your products from the e-commerce store to the GA4 suite.
3. For Shopify and WordPress-based e-commerce businesses, we will set up the Enhanced E-commerce in your GA4 container ensuring the complete funnel is visualized
4. This includes custom coding and connection to establish the enhanced e-commerce tracking basis.


1. Setting up all the events highlighted during the audit highlighted in Step 1. This includes managing the payload (the data being sent to the GA4 container). This includes all the events from your existing UA container

2. Working alongside developers to get the final events configured as needed

3. For certain applications and funnels which work with multiple domains, we will also implement cross-domain tracking


We will observe the GA4 account for the next 2 weeks to check whether the property is tracking all the events as planned

Reporting and Visualisation

1. Based on the Business KPIs discussed, we shall create custom visual dashboards suiting your business needs.

2. Provide real-time data inputs from GA4 into Google Data Studio / Power BI / Tableau


We will integrate your Google Data Studio with GA4 and if required with other platforms like FB Ads, BigQuery, etc.

UTM Builder

We will help you with UTM builder for your business with custom nomenclature (specific to your business) that will help you easily track your marketing activities and campaigns better

Additional Service (if needed):

First Party Tracking:

 1. With 3rd Party data tracking becoming more and more difficult brands and businesses are advised to move to owning and storing their own data. This allows for lesser cookies to be blocked by iOS and Android services.

 2. We provide a completely Done For You 1st Party data tracking solution which includes setting up your servers to setting up all the necessary integrations for data to be tracked in your GA4 container.

Data Storage of your UA property:

1. No one wants to lose all the data they have accumulated over the last few years. With the sunsetting of UA, a lot of businesses face the challenge of losing out on years of precious data about their customers.

2. We help migrate all of this data onto separate server databases such as Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, etc. and keep it safe for you as per the GDPR policies.

3. We will build custom easy-to-use dashboards on platforms like Google Data Studio, Tableau, and PowerBI to extract customer data insights

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