Transforming Attribution Tracking: How Tealbox Supercharged Razorpay's Merchant Stores


In the fast-paced world of fintech, precision and efficiency are paramount. For Razorpay, a leading Fintech SaaS company in India, providing payment solutions to Shopify and Woocommerce merchant stores, this meant conquering a critical challenge – the transmission of attribution data.
Enter Tealbox Digital, a strategic digital solutions provider, on a mission to revolutionize attribution tracking for Razorpay's vast network of merchant clients.

The Challenge

Razorpay's key product, Magic Checkout, was designed to enhance the payment experience for their merchant clients, who rely on platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce. However, a critical obstacle stood in their path – the inability to relay attribution data to these merchants whenever customers completed transactions on their platform.

This lack of data prevented merchants from gaining insights and optimizing their marketing strategies, thereby making their online growth sub-optimal.

Hence, the desired outcome from this engagement between Razorpay and TealBox was straightforward: to provide attribution tracking for Razorpay's merchant stores by resolving the challenge of transmitting attribution data, ultimately empowering merchants with crucial insights to optimize their marketing campaigns.

The Process

Step 1: Audit 

It started with a thorough audit of Razorpay's existing tracking setup, delving deep into the intricacies of their payload structure – the data sent from Razorpay's platform to marketing analytics platforms like Google Analytics.

This audit was pivotal in identifying key areas for optimization within their existing payload structure. The payload structure has vital information sent from Razorpay's platform to marketing analytics platforms like Google Analytics 4.

Step 2: Hypothesis Creation

The audit served as the foundation for identifying potential issues that might have been causing the missing attribution problem. Drawing from these insights, we formulated 3-4 hypotheses to pinpoint the root causes of the issue.

These hypotheses were the starting point for our investigative efforts. To validate these hypotheses, we executed a series of A/B tests, rigorously assessing each one to determine if it held the solution to the attribution puzzle.

The Result

The result was impressive. In just three weeks of troubleshooting and optimizing the measurement API structure, the attribution issue was successfully identified and resolved. We successfully identified and resolved the attribution issue.

The impact was immediate – attribution data began to flow consistently to analytics and ad platforms, empowering Razorpay's merchants with the crucial insights they needed to fuel their marketing efforts.

But that's not all. The same solution was seamlessly implemented across all of Razorpay's merchant stores utilizing the Magic Checkout. This uniform attribution tracking system truly revolutionized the way merchants tracked and optimized their marketing campaigns.


The case study of Razorpay and Tealbox Digital serves as a valuable source of insights for fintech businesses. It underscores the critical importance of data-driven decision-making, collaboration with experts, efficient problem-solving, and scalability to meet the needs of a growing client base. Moreover, it highlights the role of innovation, a customer-centric approach, and the ever-advancing digital landscape in shaping the future of fintech. By applying these key takeaways, fintech companies can position themselves as leaders in an industry defined by rapid change and technological advancements, ultimately ensuring their long-term success and relevance.

The engagement between Razorpay and Tealbox Digital showcased a precise and systematic approach to addressing the critical challenge of attribution tracking in the fintech industry. By focusing on elements such as data transmission, audit and assessment, hypothesis formulation, A/B testing, optimization, and scalability, the partnership successfully identified and resolved the attribution issue, enabling consistent data flow to empower Razorpay's merchant clients. This serves as a testament to the power of strategic thinking and innovative digital solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of payment solutions. As fintech continues to advance, collaborations like this one exemplify what can be achieved, emphasizing the importance of precision and digital transformation in staying ahead in the race for fintech supremacy

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