How We Helped A B2C Jewelry E-commerce Business Scale Generate $1.5Mn Revenue (In Pandemic Period) At A ROAS of 3.3x With An Ad Spend Of $475K

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B2C Ecommerce (Jewelry)

The brand started with the vision to create jewelry around the semicolon trend famous at the time that reminded everyone to focus on things that truly matters, which were We believe those things are Abundant Love, Kindness, Family, Friends & Support. The brand focuses on creating jewelry for gifting purposes and it has one single beautiful purpose. To show the world around you, that you care and that sufferers of mental health issues matter.

Problem Statement:

Even after validating their product-market fit the brand was struggling with 2 things:

  • Scaling with profitability
  • Consistency in performance
  • Inventory restructuring
    This was required to streamline product testing which helped us find the best performing product-types that can then be leveraged.
    For this, we created product sets based on different product categories that the brand offers and the price point which was then analyzed and presented.
  • Content testing
    We tested out different content formats & themes like videos, complex carousels with text as opposed to usual product display carousels tested in the account earlier.
    This allowed us to achieve a depth of analysis where could track performance of content pieces that had, for example, “ product feature “ as the theme for primary text, headline & description and were Carousels, specifically in the ToF.
  • Audience testing
    Finding a compatible set of interest-based audiences for the ToF, testing lookalike audiences (on FB/IG) of engagers and specific retargeting of warm audiences. We also created specific retargeting campaigns of existing customers, to improve the repeat purchase patterns and improve LTV of our customers.

    Key Metrics:

    • Helped a brand generate $1.5Mn in Revenue in the midst of the Pandemic
    • ROAS of 3.3X generated with an ad spend of $475K

    Results Generator:
    • Helped a brand generate $1.5Mn in Revenue in the midst of the Pandemic

    • ROAS of 3.3X generated with an ad spend of $475K


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